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Rocal supplies the whole range of sign products for sign installation contractors nationwide.  Rocal is keenly aware of the special needs of sign installation contractors -- most of the time, the installer provides a service for the prime or the owner and does not have full control over the design and timing of the project.  This is where Rocal comes in as a partner to the installer -- by complementing the capabilities of the installer with expertise in specifications, design, manufacture, and delivery.

Rocal supplies the whole range of signage products for states, counties, municipalities and others who need signage products.

 Aluminum Sign Blanks

Aluminum sign blank, 5052H38 aluminum, chromate treated, corner rounded and holes punched to Federal, state, local, or customer specifications

 Blanks in Stock

Custom Size Aluminum Blanks

From our stock. Corners can be radius or square with holes punched to specification.

Aluminum Sign Blanks

In standard sizes are readily available from stock.

Covered Aluminum Blanks

Aluminum blanks covered with retroreflective sheeting as required by Federal, state, local, or customer specifications


Traffic Signs to MUTCDs

Regulatory, Warning, School Zone, Construction, Object markers, and street name signs manufactured to Federal MUTCD, State MUTCD, or as specified by customer

Guide Signs

Increment Panel, Extrude Sheet, Extruded Profile guide signs manufactured to state NUTCD or customer specifications


Specialty Signs

Signs manufactured to customer specifications


                   Pear Sign


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